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Mutton Kabuli Pulao in plate

317-Mutton Kabuli Pulao

Take a pan and put mutton, 3 cups of water, half of the onion, salt, garlic cloves, half of garam masala. Cook the mixture until the mutton becomes tender. Once done, sepa...

298-Mutton Pulao

Heat oil in the pan and fry diced onions till brown, add ginger garlic and fry for about a minute till they get a bit of color. Add mutton and fry on high heat till it cha...

217-Prawn Biryani By Chef Mehboob

Recipe # 217

204-Kachay Gosht Ki Biryani By Chef Mehboob

Recipe # 204

231-Moti Pulao By Chef Mehboob

Recipe # 231