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  1. Heat Eva Cooking Oil in a pot and fry the sliced onions, garlic, ginger, whole garam masala, salt, and fennel seed for 2 minutes on high heat.

  2. Add chicken stock and bring to the boil, then let simmer on a low flame for 30 minutes.

  3. Strain the stock, discard the whole spices, and return the liquid to the pot. Add green peas, carrots, potatoes and cook on medium heat for 5 minutes.

  4. Add the green beans. Drain the soaked rice and add to the pot.

  5. Cook uncovered on high heat until the rice has absorbed most of the liquid.

  6. Cover the pot and cook on high heat until steam begins to release. Reduce the heat to very low and cook for 15 minutes. Remove the lid, mix well and serve.